The Union of the Municipalities of New Brunswick (UMNB) has asked the Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) to direct NB Power to set a fair rate for streetlights for all municipalities.

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UMNB made a presentation at the NB Power 2018/2019 General Rate Application public hearing in February. UMNB pointed out that NB Power charges almost double the cost of providing the service for streetlights. According to the EUB’s own guidelines, however, the cost-to-revenue ratio is supposed to be about equal.

Every dollar overcharged by NB Power for street lighting is money that municipalities can’t spend on the services and infrastructure people use every day in our communities. Streetlights are an important part of road safety for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. But streetlights are an expensive bill: in 2017, Fredericton paid over $1 million for streetlights, Shediac paid $162000, and Charlo paid over $59000.

The EUB was listening, and on March 20 they asked NB Power to explain why the rate for streetlights doesn’t follow their pricing guidelines. The rate hearing is still ongoing, and UMNB will keep watch for the EUB’s decision.

UMNB was at the public hearing to take action on Resolution U-17-07, passed by UMNB members at the 2017 AGM.