Each year during our annual conference and AGM, UMNB delegates vote on resolutions. Only UMNB members may submit resolutions for consideration, and only UMNB members may vote. Adopted resolutions form the basis of UMNB’s advocacy priorities. For more information on how policies are submitted and adopted, please refer to UMNB Policy 95-09.

The following resolutions are open as of the UMNB Annual General Meeting held November 26, 2023.

U-17-10 NB Coastline Protection
U-18-04 Designated Highways funding notification & information
U-18-05 Railway Right of Way Flooding
U-18-08 Low Carbon Economy
U-19-01 Flushable Wipes
U-19-05 Municipal Property Tax Exemptions
U-19-06 Provincial HST Rebates for Municipalities
U-20-01 Support for NB Land-Based Natural Resource Industries
U-20-03 Universal Affordable High-Speed Internet Access in New Brunswick 
U-21-01 RCMP Costs
U-21-04 Service New Brunswick
U-21-05 Ban Recyclable and Compostable Materials at Landfills
U-21-06 Permanent Residents Voting Rights
U-21-07 Indigenous Languages on Ballots
U-22-01 Advocacy Resources
U-22-02 Strengthening Communities
U-22-03 Consolidation of Provincial 911 Call-taking, Ambulance, Fire Dispatch, and Provincial Mobile Control Centre functions into a centralized operation with interprovincial integration and backup capabilities. 
U-22-05 Shortfall in Budgets due to Tax Increase Limits 
U-22-06 Municipal reform awareness
U-22-07 Ambulance Availability
U-23-01 Meaningful Reserves 
U-23-02 Removing Barriers to Housing: Regulation 81-126
U-23-03 Removing Barriers to Housing: Environmental Impact Assessment
U-23-04 Short-term Rentals
U-23-05 RSC Social Focus Mandate 
U-23-06 Municipal Land Grants 
U-23-07 Cellphone service
U-23-08 Designated Highways
U-23-09 Removal of PST/HST on New Apartment Construction
U-23-10 New Revenue Tools for Municipalities