Our priorities are:

Viable Communities

Municipalities build our communities, and take care of the services, spaces & surfaces we use every day. But while local costs & responsibilities are growing, municipal revenues aren’t. 

Give municipalities the tools to tackle new responsibilities and build our communities.

Collaborating Communities

Municipalities are working together to save costs and deliver more for their citizens. But there are roadblocks, especially when one third of us still have no local elected voice. 

Break down the barriers to regional collaboration and support local solutions.

Growing Communities

New Brunswick needs to grow to keep our businesses and communities healthy. Municipalities are key to creating the welcoming communities that attract and keep new neighbours. 

Work with communities to grow our population and meet our workforce needs.

Green Communities

Municipalities are on the front lines of climate change and extreme weather, from flooded homes to eroding roads to overflowing storm sewers. They’re working to keep citizens safe today and do their part for a greener tomorrow. 

Give communities the tools to tackle climate change impacts and build a green future.


Municipalities are responsible for keeping citizens safe and protected, from policing services to fire protection. But the price tag is growing without citizens feeling safer, and costs aren’t always distributed fairly.

Fix the roadblocks so communities can continue keeping citizens safe.


Access to health care affects people’s quality of life, and citizens are worried about getting care when they need it. Local leaders have the local knowledge and practical know-how to make our health system work for everyone, regardless of where we live.

Work with local leaders to ensure timely access to health care in all our communities.