Our priorities are:

Viable Communities

Strong, vibrant municipalities are the engines of our province’s economy, and they are key to economic and population growth. However, local governments are taking on growing responsibilities with shrinking revenues. Let’s give municipalities new tools to tackle growing responsibilities and help restore our province’s economy.

New Municipal-Provincial Relationship

Municipalities are the level of government closest to people’s daily lives, and they see the impacts of provincial decisions first. We’re ready to be partners in bringing solutions. But often, municipalities aren’t even consulted on decisions that affect us, or costs are downloaded without any revenues.It’s time for a new partnership.

Collaborating Communities

Municipalities are working together to save costs and deliver more for their citizens. There are challenges, especially when 1/3 of New Brunswickers still don’t have local elected representation. Let’s break down barriers to regional collaboration and encourage municipality-driven solutions. 

Growing Communities

New Brunswick needs to grow to keep our businesses and communities healthy. Municipalities are the key: we’re building the healthy, welcoming communities that attract newcomers and make them want to stay. It’s time to partner with municipalities to grow our population and meet our workforce needs.

Green Communities

Communities are feeling the impacts of climate change and extreme weather, from flooded homes to eroding roads to overwhelmed storm sewers. Municipalities are working hard to ready our infrastructure and keep citizens safe today, and to develop new initiatives for a greener tomorrow. Let’s help municipalities tackle climate change and build a greener future.