COVID-19 Information & Resources


  • Municipal councils would wear masks until they are seated and all public health measures are adhered to (i.e. 2m distancing or physical barrier).

 When municipal councils meet and no members of the public are in attendance at meetings, are the council members and staff required to wear a mask?

  • In the yellow phase: If there are no members of the public present during the sessions, then the provisions of WorkSafeNB’s “embracing the new normal” guidelines would apply.  If the council members and staff can maintain 2 metre separation for the length of the meeting, no masks would be required.  If they cannot maintain 2 metres, then they should be actively screened, logs of attendance should be kept; and masks are required.
  • In the orange phase: Masks would be required as per WorkSafeNB’s FAQ regardless of public attendance.  The masks should be worn both indoors and outdoors.

 If members of the public are present for the meeting, would all members of the public and council/board members, staff, etc. be required to wear a mask?

  • In the yellow phase: Masks are required in indoor public spaces as per Public Health guidelines.
  • In the orange phase: Masks are required both indoor and outdoors as per WorkSafeNB’s FAQ (see above).


Essential Services Templates (via Campbellton)

Community Action Samples from Town of Saint Andrews:
“Municipalities have a role that they can play to protect the public. We have instituted a FREE Home delivery service for groceries, medicine and hardware supplies; we have a daily phone check-in with vulnerable at-risk people, and we have registered people in self-isolation and call them every three days to ensure they are OK. The Town is leading by example to ensure that citizens stay home and do their part.

We have developed a process that is working.  We have the organizational structure, process, safety protocols, training video, advertisements, spreadsheets and all the tools necessary for other Municipalities to implement a similar program. We are willing to share our tools with anyone that wants them because we believe this will save lives.

Here is an interview with Town personnel describing Town approach to the crisis and a recent local news broadcast on the crisis.”