The Union of Municipalities of New Brunswick is now accepting proposals for the project: Greenhouse Gas Reduction Guide & Toolkit for Municipalities.

At the 2019 Annual General Meeting, UMNB members passed resolution U-19-08, calling for the development of a practical guide to understanding GHG magnitude associated with common local government decisions in New Brunswick, and potential mitigation measures to effectively offset the GHG emissions from those decisions and activities. The target audience for this Guide is New Brunswick municipalities, particularly those that have not yet implemented greenhouse gas reduction plans. In particular, it is intended to help small and rural municipalities that may not have staff capacity, time/financial resources, or community buy-in for other existing programs. This Guide is intended to make GHG reduction more accessible for municipalities with different levels of resources, and to bridge gaps in and to existing programs.

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PROPOSALS DUE BY: August 14, 2020

For questions or concerns connected to this RFP, contact:

Margot Cragg, UMNB Executive Director


Cell: (506) 476-5641