Proposed amendments to the Local Governance Act giving local governments the ability to implement an accommodation levy are good news for local tourism, businesses, and New Brunswick’s beautiful communities.

Under the proposed amendments, local governments would be able to create bylaws to impose a tourism levy on guests of hotels and other accommodations providers. UMNB has advocated for an accommodation levy to multiple past governments.

“New Brunswick’s communities are beautiful tourist destinations, but right now, we’re at a competitive disadvantage: most other destinations in North America already have a levy, including Nova Scotia, PEI, and Maine,” said Union of Municipalities of New Brunswick President Wayne Sturgeon.

“A voluntary accommodation levy will give New Brunswick’s communities the ability to support tourism and local businesses without increasing taxes on our residents.”

The proposed amendments currently exclude LSDs, which could create a barrier to regional collaboration. UMNB will be meeting with the province and tourism industry representatives to propose improvements and identify opportunities for collaboration that could benefit municipalities.