With cannabis legalization fast approaching, municipalities have their work cut out for them. To help municipalities do what they do best—protect and strengthen communities—the Federation of Canadian Municipalities has launched the Municipal Guide to Cannabis Legalization, created in partnership with UMNB, other provincial-territorial associations and an advisory group of legal and policy experts.

We all know that cannabis legalization presents a tremendous challenge for cities and communities across Canada—and we have to meet that challenge on a very tight timeline. That’s why FCM developed this roadmap. It offers an extensive exploration of issues that municipal governments will need to consider, including case studies, policy options and sample bylaw language.

The guide covers key issues consistent across jurisdictions, as well as regional variations, identified by an advisory group of experts from across Canada. It’s a document that will support work on key areas of municipal involvement, including land use management, business regulation, public consumption, workplace safety and enforcement issues.

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