Minister Allain just announced a process for significant municipal reforms.

The launch includes a website outlining the process, including a timeline. UMNB is one of the key stakeholders at the table right now, and we’ll be on the committees & working groups. There will be consultation before & after the May municipal elections, a public Green Paper (discussion document) in March, and a position paper by the end of 2021.

Our job is to ensure your voice is heard. We’ll be asking for your participation and input over the coming weeks & months, and we’re counting on you to tell us what you think. (Fortunately, local leaders are rarely shy about sharing opinions!) In the meantime, you can always reach me at and our ED Margot at

Municipal reform is long overdue, and it’s a huge opportunity for our communities. There’s been 23 studies on reform since the late 1960’s, so we know what the issues are; it’s time to work on solutions. To get this right, local leaders in our communities like yourselves – from urban and rural, cities to villages, both official languages – need to be included in the conversation. Roll up your sleeves – it’s time to get to work.

– Alex Scholten, UMNB President