UMNB is launching our Cooperative Procurement program, in partnership with the Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA). Municipalities can now join the RMA and Sourcewell Cooperative Procurement (buying group). This will allow municipalities to access lower prices on municipal purchases, from backhoes to office supplies, and save time for administrators. 

The program is open to all municipalities and RSCs. To learn more, attend our webinars, visit our website, and contact our Client Relations Manager Tim. Details below!

1. Attend Q&A Webinars
Have questions about how the program works? Join us for Q&A webinars at noon on Wednesday, April 14 (English) (Zoom) and Thursday, April 15 (FR). Read the Guide in advance.

2. Visit the Website
Read the Cooperative Procurement Guide, discover current vendors and service offerings, and learn how to join:

3. Contact Tim
Tim Elms is UMNB’s Client Relations Manager for the Cooperative Procurement program. (Hi Tim!) Want to explore how your municipality might benefit? Contact him at

Tim Elms is our Client Relations Manager.
As a Saint Mary’s MBTim Elms PortraitA alumnus, Client Relations Tim Elms’ uses a combination of education and experience in purchasing and policy management, to help UMNB members with their purchasing needs.
Our trade program alliance with multiple national sister associations gives our UMNB members the opportunity to access hundreds of pre-tendered trade programs that leverage the buying power of over 5,000 active members, which in turns saves both time and costs.
Knowing that the RFP process has already been completed in advance, our members can rest assured that the procurement process is not only expedited but is also competitively priced and adheres to trade compliancy. An outdoor enthusiast, who currently resides in Stillwater Lake, NS,
 with his wife and 3 active sons, Elms  is extremely excited to visit and learn all about your different regions.