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Did you know that over the past two years there has been an increase in pet ownership? At BrokerLink, we care about you and your furry friends. We’ve put together some tips on how to ensure your pets are safe and living their best life. 

Driving with your furry friend

  • Never leave your pets alone in the car. It doesn’t take long for your vehicle to reach uncomfortable temperatures on a hot (or cold) day. If you know your destination doesn’t allow pets, you should leave them at home. 
  • Watch your windows. We have all seen images of dogs with their head stuck out the window enjoying the breeze; however this can be dangerous while you’re driving. Having a window open slightly can be less dangerous, just ensure your pup can’t fit their head through the opening. 
  • Learn your local laws before you hit the road. In many areas, there are laws that require all pets to be in carriers. It can also be considered careless driving if you’re caught with a pet on your lap while behind the wheel. 
  • Don’t let your pet ride in the box of your pick-up truck. Two reasons. They could jump out while you’re moving, and the wind can be quite strong while traveling which can be uncomfortable for their eyes and ears. It’s safest to have your pet inside the cabin with you. 

Keeping your furry friend cool during the warm months 

  • Pets need shade and water. We get parched on hot summer days and so do our pets. If you’re needing both shade and water, chances are your furry friend does too. Offering water and making sure there are shady spots available is very important to avoid overheating or dehydration. 
  • Be mindful of walking your pet and the ground temperature. Although the pads on a dog’s feet provide more protection than the skin on ours, they’re not nearly as protective as the shoes we wear and dogs can develop significant burns on their feet from hot pavement. If you’re planning to walk your dog, try touching the ground with your thumb, if it’s painful or uncomfortable for you, it will also be for them. Go on walks during the cooler parts of the day to protect their paws and prevent overheating. 
  • Protect your pet from the sun’s rays. Pets with light skin or hair need to cover up just like we do. They can get sunburnt, which can cause pain, peeling and even skin cancer. Talk to your veterinarian about sun protection and sunscreen specially for pets. 

Walking and socializing your dog safely 

  • Pay attention to the behaviour of your and other owners’ pets. You are responsible for your dog’s behaviour and actions. Unless you’re in a designated off-leash area, always have your furry friend on a leash and by your side; don’t let them wander too far from you. If your dog wants to approach another dog, ask their owner if it’s okay before you get too close. Your dog may want to make friends, but the other dog may not.
  • What if your dog bites someone, hurts another dog, or damages someone else’s property? Your insurance policy generally includes third-party liability coverage, which protects you if you’re held legally responsible for an injury or damage to someone else’s property. This coverage can extend to your dog, too – whether you’re at home or walking in the park. Just make sure to check exclusions like “high-risk” breeds. And remember to always contact your insurance company if your dog bites someone. 

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